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30 september 97
Military Southern Command Moves HQ to Puerto Rico
by Ishmael Nunez, Staff Writer

This past July 30th, United States Army Secretary Togo announced that the United States Army will relocate its Southern Command from Panama to Puerto Rico. The Army component of the U.S. Southern Command, which consists of 1,000 civilian and active duty personnel, will be relocated to Fort Buchanan in the northern city of Guaynabo in October of 1999. It’s been estimated that close to $80 million will be poured into the local economy and help create over 300 jobs.

Major General Philip Kensinger commented by saying, “Puerto Rico provides Army South with a great opportunity to continue its forward presence in Latin America.” He went on to say, “the Army South’s mission in not only to support U.S. agencies and peacekeeping efforts in the region but also to aid the 32 sovereign nations in the Western Hemisphere.” (more…)

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30 september 97

Zapatistas March on Mexican Capitol
by Sarah Sausner, Contributing Writer

On Sept. 8th in the main streets of San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico, fifteen thousand ski-masked members and supporters of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) blocked the streets during the ceremony for the departure of the 1,111-member Zapatista delegation as it began its march from San Cristobal de las Casas to Mexico City, hoping for an end to the militarization of indigenous regions of the country and to participate in the Founding Congress of the Zapatista Front (FZLN).

The crowd assembled to say goodbye to the 1,111 delegates participating in the march who arrived in Mexico City on September 12. In this ceremony, the representation of the Zapatista communities was handed over to twelve EZLN commanders who carried both the Mexican and EZLN flags to symbolize that this was a march for all of Mexico as well as the Zapatistas. (more…)

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CCNY Advocate

A publication of the Office of the Ombudsperson, CCNY. Volume 1 Number 2, Nov. 4, 1997

City College, Inc.

Corporate management comes to CCNY; Moses limos to work–when she bothers to show up–slashing office and maintenance staff to the bone

By Joan Parkin

If you think an institution of higher learning like City College treats its employees better than factory workers, think again. City College is as exploitative as any other profit-driven corporation.

At the top of the City College corporation is President Yolanda Moses. Moses makes some $120,000 a year and “lives in an upper West Side duplex-penthouse at a pricey $6,000 per month,” according to a source who wished to remain anonymous. This condominium is The Montana at 247 W. 87th Street on Broadway.

According to David Suker of the Graduate Student Council, Moses also employs “a chauffeur and an executive secretary each paid upwards of around $70,000 per year.” The house, chauffeur and secretary are all paid for by City College. (more…)

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