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To listen to these sound files, recorded Oct. 17, 2008, in Harlem at the CUNY Social Forum, click on the links below:

Maria Arettines (moderator), a CUNY Social Forum organizer and Hunter College student: “What are our desires?” (5 minutes, 23 seconds)

Hank Williams, veteran of the Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM!) and organizer with the Africana Studies Group at the CUNY Graduate Center: The CUNY movement, women of color feminism, and our vision of the university in the aftermath of losing Open Admissions (12 minutes, 31 seconds)

Vanessa James, Parents in Action for Leadership and Human Rights: Fighting Children’s Services for the human right to keep our children from being taken away (10 minutes, 58 seconds)

Mark Torres, former City College student activist, member of the Hostos Educators’ Association: Building organizational power – “Educate, agitate, organize!” (11 minutes, 33 seconds)

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, department of political science, City College; former chair of Black Studies Department: From shattered consciousness and fractured identities to a blueprint for people’s power (21 minutes, 36 seconds)

Luz Schreiber, co-founder of Hunter Parent Union, former member of SLAM and founding member of Ollin Imagination: Dreaming revolution, imagining collective solutions (9 minutes, 40 seconds)

Q&A – Movement elders and students speak and ask questions (41 minutes, 18 seconds)

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From the New York Times, Tuesday, February 24, 1998:

Protesters Disrupt CUNY Board Meeting Over Remedial Education Proposal


The trustees of the City University of New York had just been informed of the largest cash gift they had ever received-$10 million from George Weissman, the former chairman of the Philip Morris Companies and of Lincoln Center, and his wife, Mildred-when a slender, young blond man leapt onto the board table yesterday afternoon, disrupting Mr. Weissman’s remarks.

That protester, and another who clambered onto the table earlier in the meeting, were pulled down and arrested by CUNY security officers. Other demonstrators lining the back of the boardroom chanted, “Education is a right,” an angry rejoinder to proposals by Herman Badillo, the vice chairman of the board, and others to restrict enrollment of students who require remedial classes. (more…)

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