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This Suheir Hammad video was made for SLAM X, the 10th anniversary of SLAM. Directed and edited by Lenina, camera by Eddy, starring Bravo as the taxi driver. Cab lenders – Nas and Bravo. Suheir was a founding member of SLAM at Hunter College. Special thanks to the Hammad family for letting the SLAM X Media Committee shoot the start of this video in their shop!

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NY Times Coverage of March 23, 1998 Protest at Board of Trustees Meeting

(From March 24, 1998 NY Times)

CUNY Board Fails to Approve Bid to Allow Remedial Cuts


NEW YORK — The heightened political sensitivity surrounding the status of remedial classes at the City University of New York was evident Monday as the board narrowly failed to pass a resolution that would have allowed individual colleges to abolish remedial classes.

The measure was aimed at permitting Baruch College to cut out all remedial classes this fall, as it has planned to do for more than a year, before the board began to consider a plan banning remediation at its four-year colleges. But the issue has become so heated that several trustees expressed wariness about taking any action before the broader issues were settled. (more…)

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El Diario Coverage of March 19 Protest at Herman Badillo’s Office

El Diario La Prensa, Viernes, 20 de Marzo de 1998

Friday, March 20, 1998

Estudiantes y profesores contra plan de CUNY


“P’arriba, p’abajo, Badillo p’al c…..”. Esta fue una de las consignas que enarbolaron ayer cerca de un centenar de estudiantes y profesores de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York ante las oficinas del vicepresidente de la Junta de Directores de CUNY, Herman Badillo, quien esta impulsando un plan que eliminaria el acceso abierto a la educacion superior publica, segun dicen los criticos.

Entre los criticos figuran ademas de los manifestantes, miembros del Concejo Municipal, la Union de Libertades Civiles de Nueva York y lideres de diversas organizaciones de minorias de la ciudad. (more…)

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From the New York Times, Tuesday, February 24, 1998:

Protesters Disrupt CUNY Board Meeting Over Remedial Education Proposal


The trustees of the City University of New York had just been informed of the largest cash gift they had ever received-$10 million from George Weissman, the former chairman of the Philip Morris Companies and of Lincoln Center, and his wife, Mildred-when a slender, young blond man leapt onto the board table yesterday afternoon, disrupting Mr. Weissman’s remarks.

That protester, and another who clambered onto the table earlier in the meeting, were pulled down and arrested by CUNY security officers. Other demonstrators lining the back of the boardroom chanted, “Education is a right,” an angry rejoinder to proposals by Herman Badillo, the vice chairman of the board, and others to restrict enrollment of students who require remedial classes. (more…)

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